Inspiration The works of Japanese tube gurus are a source of inspiration for us. Shishido San's designs with transmission triodes manifested trough Wavac Audio and Kondo San's creations at Audio Note Japan are the best examples of the Japanese vacuum tube art currently in production and the different approaches taken to achieve the same goal. Their attention to detail and manufacturing quality inspired us to try and do better. The works and concepts of another Japanese designer came closest to the direction in which we were heading. Never implemented commercially, however, the designs of Sakuma San are a tough example to follow. Directly heated triodes with inductive loads seemed to deliver the effortlessness and tonal richness we are after.

Later we would realize that the root of it all was Western Electric and their creations. Their amplifiers and speakers are something like Adam and Eve for high-end audio.

Through those simple designs, music flowed seamlessly but with some shortcomings. Many tried to improve on those through the years, getting rid of most problems by unnecessary complication. The goal for improved music reproduction mutated into engineering competition in achieving meaningless target figures in areas alien to music and it's reproduction. It is a bit like specifying string weight and length in the piano. It is just irrelevant.

Modern technologies and materials applied by Nelson Pass brought simplicity and musicality to solid state based amplifiers showing a different direction for development. Learning from legacy Looking at quality goods, wines, and watches we see the same techniques used years ago are still in use today. Yet the well made modern products are incomparably better. 

We try to use as much as possible of the knowledge accumulated in the field and blend it with our own experience and cutting edge high-tech available today, so that we may achieve what previous attempts have failed. 

There are superb designs out there by many reputable companies that reproduce sounds like us but few if any reproduce silence as good. Concept Motivation
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