Motivation Many years of exploration in the world of high quality audio passed before we realized we can't buy the product that satisfied all our needs. The need to develop our own audio components emerged by blending the best properties of what we have heard. We gained experience with all available technologies and amplification circuits making headlines through the years and gradually filtered them down to a list of worthy contenders. 

Peoples prejudice is the fuel driving most manufacturers marketing departments. Capitalizing on the customer’s lack of knowledge by throwing at him terms and figures that are absolutely irrelevant to a units performance and claiming benefits unrelated to the above. 

Some products carried true innovation but these innovations were usually limited to part of the whole making it no better than the average. Ingenious approaches coupled with off-the-shelf peripherals and bad manufacturing quality was the norm, as well as a lack of understanding of the whole system. 

We listened - we researched - and this led us in a long and strenuous R&D project in our own lab evaluating amplification topologies and circuits. Numerous prototypes were built, studied, and some destroyed until a pattern and a theory emerged. 

This was followed by hands-on research and tests on the influence of various components and their qualities on sound, involving thousands of man-hours of measurements, auditioning and comparisons. 

We spent a considerable amount of time on mechanical construction for vibration control, electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding. We have not discovered a loophole in the laws of physics. What we found is that people quickly forget the achievements of past times, just to "discover" them again at a much later date. It is all there, you just have to put it together. We look for the simplest meaningful legacy solution, find its flaws and fix them if we can. It does not matter how much better a modern solution is if it is based on flawed assumptions and makes the same errors just better. True to our beliefs we decided to use the works and experience of the very best and implemented their knowledge in our product. It took a lot of time and tests to determine where the truth lied.

Taking advantage of available 21st century technologies and materials allowed us to achieve what early designers called fiction. We could write pages upon pages as to why each component in our products is there, and why it was chosen. 

Actually, there is no trick, no magic. It is a complex function of knowledge, attention to detail, common sense and an open mind that gets you there. 

I hope what we came up with pleases your senses and sets you on a quest to seek those qualities in all products. 

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